Meet Magara the Crocodile with his swishy tail and Sher the Lion frightening everyone with his mighty roar; listen to cheeky Bandar the Monkey chattering in the trees and dance with Morni the Peacock in this Jungle Jhoom! extravaganza of colourful, exotic Indian animals.


I am delighted to bring you Jungle Jhoom! – a colourful, vibrant introduction to animals inspired by the Indian jungle and African savannah.

Of Indian heritage and born in Kenya, I was fortunate to have the best of both worlds – going on safari to see wildlife in their natural habitat, and in my Indian dance classes learning to move like these beautiful, graceful creatures.

I wanted to share the beauty and vibrancy of these fantastic, wild animals with children of all ages and so on this website you will find FREE music clips, photos and information sheets for you to use in schools and homes with your children.

Don’t forget that you can download our jhoomtastic Jungle Jhoom! photo book with all the animal verses and fun, quirky illustrations to add to the experience.

I hope you enjoy sharing the Jungle Jhoom! experience with your children.

Shalini Bhalla
Founder and Director
Just Jhoom! Ltd

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